What Is Respect From Me , to my customers

I do not need to upsell you any stuff - -

I do not sell your names for money - 

As my customers -

I will deliver as said - and I hope to have the same -

Understanding of -


I am not here to spite you -

Or be greedy of you and need to take from you -

I do -

Want to exist -

But not from  if -


I am REAL -

This is ME - -


I am -

My own -

Cup of tea ., 

Thank you to all my customers!! I love meeting ! Every one !! 
Thank you for the honor !!

I’m sorry if you can only see as to harm or harm me,, if I can then wish,, I wish then for this 

we could be having the best ever sex in all then the generations !!!  and you instead,, are the shit then ,, to not then ,, let it happen  ,,

I’m sorry,, you can’t see - to see that , to feel ,,  of that !!  

How the orgies ! Would have truely been  ,, INCREDIBLE