What is your most favourite toy !

What is your most favourite toy !! -


how mine is the womanizer - - 

oh my !! -

and I mean my mostest moistest ever favourite toy -

I mean I cannot have as much fun playing without -

especially if playing by myself !-

I can go from a thought of I am horny -

to turn on the toy and place on my clit -

and instantly -

WET !!! -


it is so incredible !!- -


and then I get so excited and inside and I get - -

hornier -

how I can feel - the - intensity of a want of

to make me want a huge flow - -

how I want to have not only an orgasm -

but I want a big one -


I want to feel that -

I want to feel - how the orgasm can come alive -!-

and in me -

how it builds and then can be -

how you know -

as to how it builds - -it is going to be great -


and now how you know - -so how now you know - you need now -

that release -

a big one -

how a little one now -

will not do -


how you will tease yourself -how you will enjoy the little ones -


but in the back of your mind -

you are wanting the one - that will make then -

your legs ., fold -


and how you can’t stop now -

even if your fingers are getting stiff holding the toy -

how you hope the toy is charged and will not stop before-


how you will lift yourself up with your feet so your ass in the air -

to get a better position as you are laying on the bed- no pillows behind your head 

and to get the party going more -

I will add another toy!! -


a simple vibrator - -but how if you angle it right - it feels as though it is fingers 

and of might-!! - especially with new batteries in!!


and then you build and build -


I wish I had someone to play with .,,,