When family is hurt with the addiction of anger

What is here.
How everything can be or isn’t
And real isn’t real unless you know it is real
And then that is only real if you know it was real
Or only real as only told. Again as you learned it from being
Taught it.
What is real ?
If you never thought it. And. Of the first then
Thought and of it.
How everything else
Is just a spin off


Of maybe real or maybe not
And if you chose to be the fck in the room
How it is you. For sure. No thoughts. Ever learned. Only taught.
To be beat another does not show intelligence only
Anger. And it doesn’t matter as to the beating.. it is all from anger.
Anger an emotion. Not even a thought. And you thought you could own me. And with anger. And yours.
And how it is. My thoughts. Got me out of your anger and you.
Not even of a
Only anger.to do..
we all have emotions. But how not all. Have thoughts.
Intelligence is from learning not from emotions.
Shit. You say women are so dramatic. Shit. You can’t see.
What the difference is between emotions and thinking.
Because to beat another only because.,..,,
How it is you.,, never leaving then

You can only learn from your experiences that gave you then,, the emotions,,
But if you can’t see anger is only an emotion., not strength.
How you never learned from the experiences then that were
It is hard to see. And how you can’t
,, if your
And full then of
No different than being sad and full of depression.
Its only a scale you are on.
Of emotions.
And definitely not then
Able to then
Think then things through. Just as if depressed,, you know you are in a state
Of emotion.
Which clouds then
But anger.
How many men cant admit to anger and to then their own. And to their own family,, because it was family.
Owned.not cherished to see -- their own ., .,eyes., .,