When Will Time Be?

When Will Time Be? And how it is. For you to have that is yours, too.

Don’t you think 

it is about Time 

- you - maybe looked ,

at what else , , , , 

can BE !!!!!! 



what things do you think we only do now or only know now

  -  because of abuse.

what things can’t you do because you don’t want to love , and how it is - your own self 

to always want to search always for a MORE of everything !!!  To get that 100 % feeling!!

you are the one STILL , ,,,,  , with your own abuse -

how it is,,, - - it’s - you - that can’t 

- just even to see  -


         what if .


how it is. Not even long enough do you even have then , of a want to be then , , 

- anything 



and why?

when there is so much to BE !!


Abuse. really is the KillJoy.

how it kept you , the same. 

how it is, you made me , to not see my own existence,,,,, only feel

—— as to never have

and BE never knowing 


instead !! Lol

we could be 

busting !! Lol. 
All the rocks !!

and enjoying ALL that can !!

   - how it is.  taking,, the next.STEP.


you are the one carrying the rock. You,. won’t let go. You can’t. You can’t. Just stop. 
to see what you are. doing. And how it is. It is harming  ,., all of those around you.