You had no right dave - - you took - - all of mine away

So is that what this reality is – this life –

  You can get away with small things that if you want to do - -

How it is - -you still have to hide - -what you do –


But how it is okay for your line of sight - -that the small lies - -the things of harm - -are okay - -to do.



What is the definition then - -

Of what then is okay to do. but still hide what you do-


-how you live to not live with every breath you take - -

How it is – in silence.


-how you have to harm then - -to feel then - -

Of any thing.

How great did you get to feel dave - -how it is you raped me to my face - - every day, you looked me - - knowing - -I was your prey..

How great you must have felt - -to be able to harm - -

a girl. To make another life - -bow down ,., to your dck.-

- a limp dck ,

Your such a fckn loser dave- - to only be of what you think is real.

How is reality now dave –


Because how it is –

How you have to now see me - -for me - -for the things you did.

And how it is – I do not have to hide.of the things that you did.


You had no right dave - - you took - - all of mine away.