Professional Dance Pole Kit

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You want a dancing pole, the same one professionals use in the clubs and studios of ‘’Pole-Fitness’’, The Professional Dancing Pole. You surely seen or heard of people who have bought a dance pole and when they jumped up to make a figure, the pole didn’t stay in place. The Professional Pole will hold well and allow you to make yourself look your best by giving free rein to all the positions you can imagine.

Transform your home into a real dance studio and as surprising as it may seem, our Superstar Pole installs without any screws and it stays firmly in place, you can put all your weight, all your energy and it stays in place. (Follow the installation instructions).

The Professional Pole is designed for both energetic and graceful movements using its central axis mounted on a ball bearing movement, allowing the pole to rotate on itself for greater freedom of movement. For more experienced people, the pole obviously locks, it does not turn on itself and you are at the professional level. The Superstar Pole allows you all movements, all positions, all poses, whether for physical exercise or sensual dances. The possibilities of physical fitness and erotic play are at your fingertips.

The Professional Pole combines dance, acrobatics and sensuality very well. Originally this activity was practiced in circuses as an acrobatic show in itself. Then pole dancing became the icon of sensuality in nightclubs and now we can see that it is a fabulous exercise for the body and definitely a way to make one self desirable and desired. Athletes, gymnasts, dancers, all agree on the advantages of Professional Pole dancing; strength, agility, endurance, flexibility, coordination and most of all an erotic game.

The Professional Dancing Pole is easy to install almost anywhere, all you need is a ceiling and a floor. Two sturdy supports with silicone pads, adhere perfectly to the surfaces and make the installation totally safe, nothing moves, no holes to drill, a few common tools are enough for the installation.

The Professional Dancing Pole component tubes are very strong with a diameter of 1.625 inches (41mm). All made of stainless steel with a chrome finish identical to competition standards. The most important thing to remember is the ball bearing spinning system for a more delicate and easy use, which locks in seconds to make the axis static for more spectacular acrobatics. Weight and measures: 29,75lbs ou 13,50kg - 43in x 17in x 5in ou 110cm x 42cm x 12cm.