I Have Never . . . But I Will Game

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I Never Have... But I Will! is the party game of dates. After an 'I Never Have' statement is made, players indicate who of them has never done the action. The first of these players who announces, "But I Will" then acts out the dare and earns the card as a point.

Play for points or play as a drinking game! You can even offer a prize to the winner, such as candy, wine, a back rub, or a spanking!


1 x Die
100 x Dare Cards (With 600 dares in total!)
1 x Game Rules

Examples of some dares included in the game:

- Licked the palm of the hairiest player
- Allowed another player to feed me like a mama bird
- Tickled by private areas
- Licked off someone else's lipstick
- Bit myself intentionally
- Let people fling mayonnaise at my while making sexual noises
- Had a food fight with myself
- Let others treat my bare ass crack like a hot dog bun
- Sucked on someone else's mole
- Let someone throw a drink in my face
- Licked someone's eye duct
- Made out with a mirror