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what my soul tells me 

you forgot you were great!

like we all got the shaft , is how it feels  , what is here  , but no one can stop to see if it is flowers they see  .,. or they are looking up to see.

if your mind is in a stuck state ., it doesn't matter what is the scenery., only that it is stuck.

please text 596-0666 for a quick chat. Leave a couple hour window for me to respond  thank you 


are you feeling of deathe in deathe lately? –

is the grim reaper on your shoulders and you can’t get him off?

are not aware of where you are?

are you not understanding what the signs are? what they mean?

is your body not agreeing with you?

is your soul and self fighting to stay together and can’t decide on which way to travel?

are the emotions you had to feel great are fading and you can’t understand why?

are you stuck only hating others and cant see to find some thing else to do

are you stuck only able to lie and can’t see to stop

are you not seeing your soul no more and you can't see why not?

are you wanting to reconnect with your self and do not know how to begin?

open your mind and your mind shows YOU !!!!!!!

if we have to be in hell ., shit -  lets all have fun with it ! - 

like your fun sucks .,., its so old.,., 

we all need new things to do and how to feel !!! - 

i just am that cat ! wanting to be alive just never knew to see where was me and how you can see - - i do not care where i am ., i still want to shine !! - and i want too for you because it is what i have always been missing and in me and you know ., that .,., captivity from soul,.

so don't be afraid ., shit - - - 

get excited to learn new !

I've always posted my ups and downs to never know why and its like ., this is why ! - -

no one celebrates then any one here., and its like that is the only thing too!

if you want your soul too !!!!!