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Be Spontaneous and Surprising Lovers

You do not know how to surprise your partner, the routine has settled or you feel that it is coming ... so transform yourself into a lover who surprises and revives your couple by choosing; The Place - The Moment and the Action with Quickies. It can happen anywhere, anytime and in very different positions. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the basic idea behind the invention of this game is to provide you with a good reason, a pretext for provoking your mind and body to take action with your partner. You are able to break the routine by yourself no doubt about that, however one falls easily as a couple into habits that destroy your love life.

This game Quickies contains;

*** 1 Complete instruction booklet in 4 languages: English – French – Spanish and Deutsch and the entire deck of cards are also in these 4 languages.

*** 63 cards:

24 cards to choose the positions you will practice

27 cards that guide you through time

12 cards guide you for places

As a bonus 2 carton folders to insert your chosen cards

So move to action, fun and happiness awaits you with Quickies, this card game has for goal the blossoming of the couple. Your nights, your evenings, your days of love will have no more obstacles. Quickies practically a preventive medicine for Love.