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It is always a better decision - -to let another return things - -

 that signifies the end of a relationship - -

how it doesn't matter as to if it was good or not great - -

how an end - - is what needs to be seen as straight . . 

no if but and an's  - - 

how it is -- 

it is just done . . how only to be seen as

and how it is -- 

for every one involved !! - -to have all better days now !!

Time moves on. and so should your experiences of happiness - -not sadness.


-how we are only told as to see how what a break up signifies as a disaster - -how it should only be seen as  -- only one chapter.

unless of course it is abuse in one's face. please love your self to see you deserve - - 

kisses upon it , , not rage.