What is to see that you need to feel?

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We are humans that are  able to connect to other existence ! that is what is we !! - 

to deny or keep from the child --  


no one has that right and over any other human and born ., here.......


that is then taking control of freedom of rights


we are all so much more - -told only to be then ., all less to not then soon ., know.........


we are what is  - -- 


be of your own ., and to feel ! there is nothing more incredible and to feel and to know  -- what does alive ., truely then mean and inside !



what do you think is soul to have .,?  I will tell you if you are a slave to not know .,. ,



what can only intelligence be here. ,. ,? what is SELF !!

via online sessions or in person.


we can all only be now ., personalities - -not children  -
of our own ., design.